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Phil Gibson

A motivated self-starter, learner, team player, with a passion for Bitcoin and commitment to work in the industry and join the revolution.



ERP Software Sales

Sales/Business Development Representative September 2019 – September 2020


  • Built exceptional client relationships through offering beneficial, and strategic insights into their businesses

  • Researched businesses in the industry to identify prospects’ challenges

  • Documented/updated all customer/prospect interactions

  • Developed understanding of ERP and SaaS solutions, and business process and workflow

  • Consulted with line of business owners and simplified product value to non-IT and C-level prospects

  • Created the process and structure of a new SDR role for the company

  • Initiate sales process for a leading provider of ERP solutions in the aviation industry

Global Social Media Corporation

Marketing Expert – Small Medium Businesses January 2017 – February 2019

  • Helped clients drive results through marketing campaign design, analysis, and optimization

  • Created and presented power points for weekly business reports

  • Met and exceeded daily quota expectation

  • Generated $320K of revenue for Q4 2018


Front End WebDevelopment



Texas State University
B.A. from School of Journalism and Mass Communication (Electronic Media)



  • Strong Interest in Bitcoin and crypto: wallets, cold storage, nodes, monetary policy

  • Programming: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python,

  • Justin Moon’s Mooniversity – Bitcoin Programming with Python

  • Podcast host and producer/editor of “A Boy Named Pseu”

  • Hosted Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis Live Stream

  • Composed/Produced original music

  • Running 5 miles per day every day

  • Brain Dead Simple Copy Course

  • Lead Sunday Morning Worship playing guitar and singing (2010-2016)


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