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Phil Gibson is a creative entrepreneur, tech evangelist, and lover of all things Liberty.

In short, Phil’s a musician at heart, hosts the podcast, A Boy Named Pseu, is an editor at the Libertarian Institute, and a sometimes writer when he feels like it.

Through various mediums Phil’s goal is to share knowledge and truth in a world where such things are treason in the empire of lies.

By exploring topics of economics, agorism, innovations in tech like bitcoin, history deep dives, and then some, Phil is on a mission to find ways of getting “a liitle more free”…wait, scratch that. REALLY FREE. There. That’s better.

You may not be able to change the world, but you can certainly set an example for it. What better way to do that than join Phil Gibson on his journey to individual sovereignty, and good vibes?



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Elon Musk Is Wrong: With @LukeMikic21

Elon Musk Is Wrong: With @LukeMikic21

I chatted with @LukeMikic21 of the Fix the Money podcast. We discuss the Elon Musk news, and Luke’s twitter thread on SOFR vs LIBOR.

Watch the full interview on my YouTube & Odysee channels. Make sure you like and subscribe 😉

Check out my latest article published on Bitcoin Magazine, WHY JEROME POWELL’S POLICIES ARE BULLISH FOR BITCOIN



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