#137 Saving Savings With Yan Pritzker of Swan Bitcoin

LISTEN WHEREVER YOU GET YOUR PODCASTS! https://open.spotify.com/episode/4sjTXpHE2C5LsY0aYg0F4n Start Stacking Sats with Swan Today! Yan Pritzker, CTO of Swan Bitcoin, returns to the show to talk everything Swan, the upcoming Bitcoin Halving, his story, and the importance of bitcoin in these unique times.  Follow Yan on Twitter @skwp Follow Swan Bitcoin on Twitter @SwanBitcoin Check out the Swan Signal Blog

#136 Revelations From the Fringes With Bellamy Fitzpatrick

https://open.spotify.com/episode/3Sr3l4Btfmee0rLt0GCOSp Bellamy Fitzpatrick and I discuss the philosophy of left-anarchism, decentralization, permaculture, symbiosis, and embracing self-ownership to build a brighter future. Stack Sats with Swan Bitcoin! Check Out: Bellamy's Article "An Invitation to Desertion" Bellamy's Website Liberty & Logos Check out Brandon Quittem's Article:"Bitcoin is a Catalyst for Human Evolution (Symbiosis) — Part 4/4"

#135 A FUDster’s Threat Model With JW Weatherman

https://open.spotify.com/episode/5YKJxM7eaxReyP9jnbadnp LISTEN ANYWHERE PODCASTS ARE! JW Weatherman joins the show to discuss Bitcoin first principles, and debunk FUD. Topics include: - Succinctly Define the Problems With Bitcoin Cash - Imperative Characteristics of Money  - The Biggest Threat to Bitcoin - Homeschooling and Self Improvement for a new era ...and more! Follow @JWWeatherman_ and check out his work: * mathbot.com  * 10 Hours of Bitcoin ...

The Economy Needs A Difficulty Adjustment

The Economy Needs A Difficulty Adjustment

The world economy is experiencing what one might argue, a death spiral. Investors are liquidating assets they once deemed valuable, only to be fooled by falsely over-valued stock prices. Such mal-investment was a result of corporate buy-backs, fudging the true valuation companies and attracted the attention of deep-pocket investors. Yet, the investors sold their shares, and now the corporations are expecting bailouts from the Federal Reserve. The Fed will once again try to cover up the...