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What It’s All About!

If you dug my song, “ETF”, then there’s plenty more tunage where that came from. This campaign is for raising the necessary corn for making a full-length record of sovereign freedom.

Times are weird…really weird. People are distracted and either unaware of the questions that need to be asked, or simply afraid to ask them in the first place. To be super cheesy and quote Bob Dylan, “the times, they are a changin’.”

Indeed, a change is coming. I for one, would like to be on Bitcoin’s side of that change. Bitcoin may fix this, but a change in culture must happen first, and the best way to change the culture is by entertainment.

Wanna Make Some Musical Fusion?

I believe there are 2 universal languages; money, and music (or art in general). My music aims to spread the message of sound money, self-sovereignty, truth, and freedom.

With your help and collaboration, we can write the ultimate Liberty anthem of our generation, and generations to come.

The goal is a bit lofty (6.15 BTC), I know. I don’t expect to reach it, but I thought “wtf? Let’s meme this thing into existence.” Joking aside, funds would cover not only the creation of the record, but also go towards things like merch by supporting companies in the space who accept Bitcoin. Although I will accept fiat, I’d ultimately like to witness and be apart of a Bitcoin circular economy. I’d like to think many Bitcoiners share this desire as well.

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No matter how this thing shakes out, I will feel truly blessed and forever grateful to anybody who thinks my music is even worth anything. As Gigi says,

“Bitcoin changes you before you change it.”

I can vouch for that…I am definitely not the same person I was a year ago, and Bitcoin has changed me for the better by expanding my curiosity on the inner workings of the world, and has humbled me by lowering my time-preference and meeting so many wonderful people in this passionate community. Saying that I am truly thankful for all of this, would be an understatement.

As good Austrians, we all know that value is subjective. Let’s spread the word. Let’s make it fun.Let’s have a party at the edge of the world where everyone is invited. At the end of the day, Bitcoin doesn’t care who you are. It just is, and that’s why it works for everyone.

Let’s get down to business. Let’s get weird, and let’s End the Fed…or at least just opt-out, buy Bitcoin, and rock out to Bit-Rock freedom tunes. Stay humble. Stack, sats, and thank you.