Today on the show I talk to CoinCorner Danny (AKA Danny Scott/@CoinCornerDanny).

Danny is CEO of Coin Corner, a bitcoin exchange on the Isle of Man, UK.

I am honored to have this be Danny’s debut podcast appearance. He’s been keeping things on the down-low, and as we Bitcoiners like to say… that’s just good OpSec. Listen wherever you hear podcasts!

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Topics include but are not limited to:

  • starting his career in tech at an early age
  • his relationship with bitcoin, mining, development/creating CoinCorner
  • working with regulators, and pressure other exchanges face from VC backing
  • his experience as a bitcoin developer
  • Ossification of Bitcoin’s Layer 1 protocol while responsibly increasing development for scaling solutions
  • CoinCorner contribution towards bitcoin development 
  • Goals for Coin Corner for the future
  • AND Mt. Socks!

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“Bitcoin is the most ground-breaking technological innovation since the internet.”
– Danny Scott, CEO of Coin Corner

CoinCorner Mining Rig